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Fuel Coffee Company

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 03/07/2016 | 4 Minute Read

Fuel up in style with your morning cup of coffee. Fuel Coffee Company is a coffee shop that takes the idea of a trucker pit stop or a roadside diner and translates it into the coffee world. The branding and packaging, developed by COMMONER, this Massachusetts based cafe invites you to ignite your journey with one of their special brews.

With a dash of Americana and some rugged, retro inspiration, Fuel Coffee Company is a coffee shop with teas, pastries, and even sandwiches. Customers are able to fuel up however they need. The font choices echo that of gas stations and diners on a long highway, feeling a little vintage. Pit stops along a highway are designed to be comfortable and give weary travelers a sense of relaxation and peace, and Fuel tries to do the same with plenty of comfortable booths for sitting. Visitors can easily just grab something quick to go, but the warm, friendly vibe invites them to stay longer and chat with fellow customers.


Designed by COMMONER

Country: United States

City: Boston

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