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Concepts We Wish Were Real

by Elizabeth Freeman on 03/04/2016 | 9 Minute Read

What better way to celebrate the end of the week than with our concepts we wish were real.

Squeeze & Fresh


The idea that begins to act as an independent project worth to be produced and implemented into life. The copyright of this concept belongs to Backbone Branding “Art Step” LLC and is available for obtainment. Interactivity has become a powerful competitive advantage in nowadays market. Creating the “Squeezed” juice cup we shared the idea of the package, which communicates. The label of the juice cup is simple but dynamic and it acts with you when you use it. It makes you excited, gives a creative mood and makes you feel a part of something.

Designed by Backbone Branding

Country: Armenia


Amber. Natural insect repellents


AMBER offers an effective combination of natural ingredients heavily based on essential oils. What is a better way to show the core of such a product than to look into the nature itself? The perfect metaphor is a drop of plant resin which not only traps insects forever but also becomes an inspiring piece of jewelry. 
Borrowing asymmetric skewed shapes from amber pieces the packaging enhances the product connection to nature while turning something as revolting as bug annihilation into a piece of attraction.

Designed by Tanya Chursina

Country: Russia


Old Pier Ladies


When we think about nautical influences and life at sea, we often think of hardworking men aboard ships and hauling cargo around a pier. This concept, developed by Riccardo Tosoni, recognizes the women of the pier with Old Pier Ladies sardines.

Three varieties are available, each with its own coordinating color and illustration. The three women on the labels are complete characters, with the curve of their lips and the look in their eyes telling a bit of a story about them. Packed with personality and clever inspiration, each one has a name that indicates the flavor—Jesusa Pimienta, Paulette Citron, and Glenna Mustard. The cans are wrapped in paper, much like fresh cuts of meat or seafood from a butcher, and the traditional font gives the impression that the brand well-established and has prides itself in its history.

Designed by Riccardo Tosoni

Country: Italy




Mother.c Kombucha combines two popular products into one: kombucha and cannabis. The student project fromJoshwa Wright offers various flavors of kombucha brewed with different types of cannabis. This then allows the consumer to get the desired effects for their needs throughout the day, whenever they require it. 

Each flavor has a coordinating color that appears on the label as well as the sticker that covers the bottle cap. The hues are slightly sun-faded, giving a sense of the product being from the earth. Small marijuana leaf icons let consumers know that this is a cannabis product, and images like a lightning bolt or a series of “zzz’s” indicate the best use for each kombucha. Because kombucha is incredibly good for you and, used correctly, cannabis can also be a natural way to handle certain health problems, this is a beverage that the health-conscious will love. It fits in perfectly with other kombuchas that are brewed and on the market, but the marijuana leaf images and amount of THC in each bottle communicate that Mother.c Kombucha is different.

Designed by Joshwa Wright

Country: Canada


Paper Dish Mess Free Pizza


Pizza: the most important food group. Looking to improve upon the overall pizza-eating experience, Yu Kyung Ha, Won Min Jung, and Kwon Young Hee have created an addition to the regular pizza box that makes eating a piece of the pie mess-free.

“This pizza box packaging revolutionizes the way people will eat pizza forever. Unfortunately, this concept isn’t being mass marketed (yet), but the content marketing ideas come flowing because of it. Think about all of the moms and wives hosting Super Bowl Sunday who want to try and maintain a mess-free living room. This is the kind of product packaging that lets the creative juices flow.”

After eating a pizza we naturally go to grab a napkin, and this concept predicts consumer’s needs. It simply makes eating and cleanup a breeze. The paper dish has a small tab that folds over the crust, and a portion that rests underneath the pizza. As someone picks out a piece, it’s easy to grab and separate a slice without getting their hands one another slice, as well.

Designed by Yu Kyung Ha, Won Min Jung, and Kwon Young Hee

Country: South Korea


Chocolate Pantone


At Christmas, we gave to our customers and friends something that reflected our passion, work and attention to detail that characterizes us, for them to share with their family.If anything defines us, it’s our expertise with a solid background in graphic design. That’s the reason why we chose a Pantone, an indispensable tool for any designer, combining it with an appreciated product by our clients and friends, in this case chocolate. Our particular Pantone had different chocolate colour ranges, which symbolize the care and attention that we pay to all our projects and the desire to share with our people the joy of tasting this delightful chocolate.

Designed by BLOCD

Country: Spain

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