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Sideshow Press Candle

by Elizabeth Freeman on 03/02/2016 | 3 Minute Read

If you don't know what to give someone for their birthday, a candle is usually a good option. It's something you can give to both a male and female, it smells good, and if you decide to get one from Sideshow, the packaging is phenomenal. Designed by Stitch Design Co., scented wax is poured into colored vessels with a matte finish. Each are labeled with an enchanting name and packaged snuggly into boxes that you'll never want to throw away.

"New packaging for a new line of candles created by our sister company Sideshow Press. The boxes were designed to coordinate with the container colors hinting at the bright pop of color waiting inside of each box. The box tops are common with base and scent labels coordinating with each candle variety. Which are you? Charming, Daring or Gracious?"


Designers: Amy Pastre & Courtney Rowson

Printer: Catawba Box 

Designed by Stitch Design Co.

Client: Sideshow Press

Country: United States


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