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by Theresa Christine Johnson on 02/29/2016 | 2 Minute Read

What a divine bottle of vodka. Designed by New York agency Stranger & Stranger, this finely crafted bottle of French vodka is just the thing to pull out for a special occasion.

Black, gold, and just a splash of burgundy give Sauvelle an absolutely luxurious appearance. On the front of the bottle, an image that looks similar to a Rorschach test glistens, intriguing buyers and allowing them to create their own experience based on what they see. Above the image, “Crafted French Vodka” is written upside-down, easily read when the bottle is turned and pouring into a glass. Each bottle is sealed with a capsule, comprised of the main design on the front in a wallpaper-like repetition. The gold shines and adds a bit of sophistication to the otherwise dark and mysterious vodka.


Designed by Stranger & Stranger

Country: United States, United Kingdom

City: London, New York and San Francisco

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