Halfwit Coffee Roasters

by Elizabeth Freeman on 03/01/2016 | 6 Minute Read

Where mad science meets coffee. Among the plethora of coffee choices out there, Halfwit Coffee Roasters is a standout choice that incorporates just the right amount of humor into its quality coffee beans. Firebelly Design developed the branding and packaging to embrace a love of science and caffeine.

“Halfwit Coffee Roasters are serious about coffee, yes, but pretentious? No way. If anything they’re a little off the wall. Starting with sustainably grown beans, they throw in a little science and a lot of tender, loving care to produce coffee that is out of this world tasty and unquestionably one of a kind.”

“Inspired by the company’s self-aware, irreverent sense of humor and appreciation for sci-fi, we crafted a logo that reflects their mad scientist vibe. We also designed a full system of icons representing their wild bouquet of flavor notes so customers can see the creativity that goes into each blend.”

“We punctuated the system with some light whimsy throughout via playful collage and visual puns. The vivid electric blue is a riff on Chicago's signature color; we paired it with a classic navy to balance hometown pride and creative energy with a bit of gravity.”

“Once completed, we handed over all of the templates and icons the Halfwit team would need to continue producing unique, colorful materials in house, such as labels for the new blends they're regularly concocting.”

The creative collages on Halfwit Coffee Roasters’ materials immediately makes it jump off the shelves, with eye-catching graphics in soothing shades of blue. A clever image system, with small icons inside hexagons, helps consumers to understand the different tasting notes of each coffee variety. Vital information, like the bean producer, region, and process, are included on the front label like a chart that has been filled out for experimentation. Because many view roasting the perfect cup of coffee as an intense, almost laborious process, Halfwit appeals to those who want to feel like they’re brewing up a perfect concoction to get their mornings going.

“In addition to standard stationery materials, we created a wholesale postcard designed to catch potential vendors' eyes and imaginations. Though standard mail size, the piece is anything but ordinary. Wrapped up with a colorful band and featuring thoughtful cuts and folds, the postcard expands to reveal Halfwit's full character and line of unique offerings.”


Designed by Firebelly Design

Country: United States

City: Chicago

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