Super Jay Saison

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 02/17/2016 | 3 Minute Read

If you haven’t heard of Super Jay, then add it to your list of craft beers to try. For their latest brew, a French farmhouse ale called a Saison, PWW created the design by using a bit of the background of the beer itself.

“PWW is a strategic design firm based in London and Seattle, and Super Jay is our very own craft beer made from the bottom up. During the process, we have an ethos that means the brand identity comes first and the flavour comes second. This is what differentiates Super Jay from other craft beers on the market, as PWW have designed a characteristic logo and identity, and now we’re experimenting with different flavours and recipes to find a beer to match.”

“Our first batch was a classic American pale ale, a popular, modern style beer with a poignant and hoppy flavour. The packaging design was a combination of typography and soft graphic design, with a capital ‘J’ merging into an illustrated Jaybird and beer glass.”

“During the beer brewing process for our first batch, we learnt some important lessons and used this knowledge for our second chosen beer, a French farmhouse style ale; Saison. The beer has a light and rustic taste, and has been bottle conditioned for natural carbonation. The grains used have provided much of the flavour and aroma. The packaging design is linked to the French origin of the beer, using typography in an avant-garde style that communicates precision and symmetry, perfectly fitting to the sharp taste of the beer.”

The Super Jay logo will be featured on all future beers from the brand, creating consistency, but each label design will be informed by the style and background of the beer, just as the Saison was. Traditional amber bottles indicate a certain pride in the brewing process, as well as an overall respect for making beer. The labels, however, are fun, fresh, and somewhat unexpected, piquing the interest of beer enthusiasts who want to try something new and delicious. Using a unique typography makes it stand out on the shelves as well as add a bit of French influence.

“The creation of Super Jay is the result of two back-stories merged together. The ‘Jay’ part came from PWW’s Graphic Designer Mark Johnson, growing up near the Lake District and surrounded by Jaybirds, this became his focal drawing point and inspiration for Super Jay’s graphic design.”

“Directly linking to the history of beer, Jaybirds colonised Asia, Europe and Africa, to then eventually migrate to North America, which is close to PWW with our second studio based in Seattle. Consequently, beer made the same transition between multiple continents, growing in Europe, to then eventually end up in North America within the leading craft beer movement.”

“The ‘Super’ part comes from PWW’s final beer in the craft series, which will be marketed and available to buy. The recipe will be for a strong shandy, with a distinct and memorable flavour.”


Designed by PWW

Country: United Kingdom & United States

City: London & Seattle, WA

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