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2B (Bio & Beauty)

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 02/03/2016 | 4 Minute Read

The next best thing to the Fountain of Youth may just be 2B (Bio & Beauty). The line of products provides manual microdermabrasion products you can use at home, for both men and women. Maurizio Pagnozio designed the branding and packaging for 2B, giving it a cool, clean appearance.

“2B (Bio & Beauty) is a company that creates products used in manual microdermabrasion. According 2B, the use of their product eliminates superficial skin blemishes and produces a young and radiant look. The idea of the logo is to showcase 2B as a symbol taken from both starting letters of Bio and Beauty. The same turquoise color from the main symbol is used on the starting letters which provides a more clear view concerning the idea of the logo.”

Although 2B (Bio & Beauty) has a men’s and women’s line, the difference is barely noticeable. The brand’s goal is not about upholding gender tropes but rather being a prime choice for customers who want cleaner, more beautiful-looking skin. Against the crisp white, the lovely Tiffany blue is perfectly suited for a bath and body product. Their signature pattern, comprised of small blue and grey circles, represents the tiny particles that exfoliate and smooth the skin, leaving those who use 2B glowing. The products make an extensive line to help those with a variety of skincare needs, and could easily stand out in a high-end beauty store or even attract customers into their own stand-alone shop.


Designed by Maurizio Pagnozio

Country: United Kingdom

City: London

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