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Before & After: Target Wondershop Holiday Packaging

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 12/08/2016 | 4 Minute Read

It’s time to get in the holiday spirit, and Target is here to help! The amazing folks at the Target Creative Team have revamped their Wondershop line of holiday items, including lights, ornaments, tree toppers, and other festive decor. They’ve updated the packaging to look fresh, clean, and classy, and each product stands out on its own while still remaining part of a whole brand.

The Wondershop name appears in a thick serif font, giving off a workshop vibe. This is juxtaposed with the delicate, intricate designs that surround “Wondershop,” feeling somewhat like the unique designs you might see in small snowflakes or in frost on windows. By using red, white, and gold, the packaging embraces the celebratory feeling of this time of year—and the gold feels especially luxurious. This uncomplicated and uncluttered approach to the packaging puts the direct focus of the consumer on how to incorporate this particular item into their decorating scheme.

Overall, the Wondershop products feel fine tuned and have a clear objective. Instead of copying designs or using graphics that people just naturally associate with this time of year, small details elicit the actual feelings that we associate with the holidays. This instantly builds an emotional connection and makes the items an integral part of the celebrations. It feels cheery and bright, and the clean, simple layout adds an element of calm to the often chaotic holidays.


Designed by: Target Creative Team

Chief Creative Officer: Todd Waterbury

Creative Director: David Hartman

Associate Creative Director: Steven Jockisch

Copywriter: Anna Zahler

Designer: Ashley Hohnstein

Designer: Nicole Legare

Art Director: Amy Miller

Art Director: Tracie Neff

Illustration: Laura Bohill

Illustration: Kelly Thorn

Country: United States

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