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1937 Men's Grooming

by Elizabeth Freeman on 01/03/2017 | 3 Minute Read

A clean, simple, yet impactful expression. 1937 is a men’s grooming brand for the designer in your life who appreciates a good, clean shave. Designed by Bold Scandinavia CPH, a minimalist aesthetic was put in place to create packaging that would stand out from its competitors. The rich black color that envelops the packaging structure gives the brand a sleek and sophisticated look without much effort. Copy for the labels was carefully selected to retain 1937’s identity and the heritage it so dearly holds. 

Based on decades of heritage, the old barbershop in Vognmagergade retains the ambiance of Copenhagen in 1936. The shop, its service and its employees embody the mix of old and moderne masculinity to provide a true experience, making it the most popular shave and cut in Copenhagen. 

The Vognmargergade barbershop has recently launched a series of products all designed and packaged to embody modern masculine balance across aftershaves, hair products and shaving accessories. 


Creative Director: Muggie Ramadani 

Art Director: Muggie Ramadani 

Designer: Muggie Ramadani, Nicolas Fuhr

Designed by Bold Scandinavia CPH

Client: The Vognmargergade Barbershop 

Country: Demark

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