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The Food Field

by Elizabeth Freeman on 12/08/2016 | 3 Minute Read

Food at its finest– fresh, local, and organic. The Food Field is a local organic market in the heart of San Pedro, México. With organic foods becoming more and more in demand, markets like The Food Field are flourishing. That being said, the importance of a strong brand identity is crucial. Designed by Parámetro Studio, packaging for the store’s milk and dairy products, honey, produce bags, and coffee cups are kept minimal. A bright yellow has taken over, radiating vibes of happiness and sunshine. The logo, a circle encapsulating two trees of life and the brand’s name, becomes the focal point in each packaging. 

“Organic food store located in San Pedro GG, México. We created all the visual identity; from naming, packaging and all sales peripherals. For the color palette we wanted to avoid an obvious green palette so we used instead a set of 3 different shades of yellow which symbolize the dawn and start of a fresh new day. The logotype is accompanied by a simple and geometric icon that can be easily used to mark their wide range of edible products.”


Designed by Parámetro Studio

Country: México

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