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by Natalie Mouradian on 12/22/2016 | 4 Minute Read


We try to be careful of what we put in our bodies so why wouldn’t we make sure to do the same for our pets? Canadian agency The Small Monsters redesigned the branding and packaging for Wilder&Harrier, which are a healthy alternative to dog treats.

“Wilder&Harrier are healthy training rewards for dogs made from cricket flour. Positioned as a healthy and sustainable protein source, the cricket-based treats are designed for very active dogs (especially those that compete in dog-related sports such as canicross, which are rapidly gaining popularity in North America).” 


“Originally named "Bugbites", the brand was underperforming due to a lacklustre package design that didn't capitalize on the product's key differentiators. The Small Monsters was asked to rebrand the line, including a rexamination of the target market, a new name, a new brand identity and also packaging.” 


“We analysed the market (and even signed up our dogs for their own canicross classes!) and created a brand that mixed humour (for instance, with the choice of company name) with our love of the beautiful Canadian wilderness. With a design team composed of a mix of dog lovers and runners, we were able to draw upon our own experiences and emotions to understand how to speak to potential customers.” 


“Through the use of event photos, clean, strong typography and bold colours, we repositioned the brand to speak more directly to a sports-oriented market. Rather than featuring a photo of a cute dog alone, as many pet products do, we chose photos that emphasized the bond between a dog and its owner, and the camaraderie between competitors during races, thereby leveraging the emotional aspects of sport and of dog ownership.” 

“The initial reaction has been very receptive, and the product has gone from one store chain to over 50 retail locations across Quebec and Ontario.”


Agency: The Small Monsters
Client: Hexa Foods Inc. 
Creative Director: Sunil Sarwal
Project Manager: Romain Blasquez
Lead Designer: Lucile Guarnaccia
Copywriter: Phil Poirier, Mat Poirer
Photographer: Alex Godbout-Simard
Printer: Vins Plastics
Location: Montreal, Canada

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