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849 Caran d'Ache + Paul Smith Collection

by Tiffanie Medina on 11/21/2016 | 4 Minute Read

As a long time user of Caran d'Ache, British Fashion Designer, Paul Smith collaborated with the brand in creating a colorful collection encompassing his and Caran d'Ache's passion for color.  

The ten Paul Smith 849 pens display unique, sophisticated colors that echo those seen in his recent fashion collections. In this limited edition, each of them carries the famous Paul Smith signature and is presented in a specially designed, ultra-thin pack decorated with his unmistakeable pattern of colored stripes. Paul Smith has utilized the eight colors of the new 'Artist Stripe' to complement the iconic design.

Paul Smith's 'Artiste Stripe' in his Men's Collection  

"Made in Switzerland and faithful to the Caran d'Ache tradition, the 849 collection ballpoint pens are equipped with the legendary Goliath ink cartridge which provides unique writing comfort, a strong aluminum hexagonal body and a flexible clip, these pens are finished with a Paul Smith signature on the body."

We are in LOVE with this collection. Caran d'Ache's signature thin, sleek, aluminum packaging combines perfectly with Paul Smith's signature style.  

via Caran d'Ache, Switzerland  + Paul Smith, England 

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