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Floravere Wedding Gowns

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 11/16/2016 | 4 Minute Read

Brides-to-be, you can ditch the traditional bridal shop experience for something way easier. Floravere will deliver a custom-made wedding gown right to your doorstep. Studio Marie Zieger designed the experience, crafting a logo, brand identity, and visual language with a select group of illustrators and photographers. Their work also includes a wide array of packaging and print items along with the initial web design.

“Floravere is a luxury bridal fashion brand, born in Los Angeles. The brand offers a curated collection of gorgeous wedding gowns and delivers them right to your doorstep—without the hassle of endless appointments and sample sales. Designed and exquisitely crafted by couture artisans, the dresses are custom-made and never off-the-rack.”

“The archeress became the emblem of Floravere. Her arrow is a delicate Camellia flower, a symbol for young lovers. Based on ancient Greek goddesses, the archeress embodies confidence, strength & beauty—just like the Floravere bride herself. The distinct, classy logotype typography stands for the simple elegance of the brand’s couture dress collection. In combination with a versatile typographic system, it creates a sophisticated look and is thus reminiscent of old-fashioned wedding invitations.”

Floravere looks classy and beautiful, capturing a bit of that excitement we feel for a special occasion. Gold foil adds an element of refinement along with a classic serif font. Illustrations are finely drawn with exquisite detail, emphasizing the brand’s craftsmanship in creating custom gowns. Small things, like bows around the box, make the experience feel even more special.

“Representing the chic and effortless character of the Floravere brand, the vintage illustrations of flying, floating and hovering objects add an airy playfulness to the design and capture the joy of getting married.”


Designed by: Studio Marie Zieger

Client: Floravere Inc.

Design & Art Direction: Marie Zieger

Logomark Illustration: Violaine & Jérémy

Selected Illustrations: Marie Zieger, Marion Kamper

Copywriting & Text: Susannah Hornsby

Fashion Photography: Ali Mitton

Hair & Make-Up: Stacey Tan

Model: Jess Morrow

Production: Hazel & Pine

Country: Austria

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