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St.John Family Egg Carton

by Elizabeth Freeman on 12/01/2016 | 2 Minute Read

St. John Family Farms knows that the best eggs come from chickens raised in a natural setting, which is why their hens are free to graze in open pastures during the day. They needed a fresh look to communicate their humane focus on farming so Olio designed the egg carton packaging to reflect the core values of St. John Family Farms: happy hens raised outdoors, as nature intended. 

The new packaging expresses the open space and greenery that the hens enjoy, to show that happy chickens produce quality eggs. The design is as free-flowing and playful as the hens themselves as they graze in the grass, while the text emphasizes the importance of raising animals in a natural environment.


Designer: Anna Hurley 

Illustrator: Anna Hurley 

Design Team: Alexia Webber 

Creative Director: Marija Vidal, Eszter T. Clark 

Copywriter: Laetitia Mailhes, Sazan Pasori, Alex Hurley

Designed by Olio Studio

Client: St. John Family Farms 

Country: United States

City: San Francisco

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