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by Tiffanie Medina on 11/29/2016 | 4 Minute Read

Noble Development is a leading property developer in Thailand, well-known for its unique take on architecture. Ogilvy & Mather, Bangkok were briefed to create gift sets to represent Noble's uncompromising approach in consistently applying its "be different" design philosophy with over 20 projects for 25 years. Each of the 8 gift set designs they created were inspired by one of Noble's condominiums. 

"A prominent architectural design cue of the building - whether its architectonics, the interior design, or even the unique interplay of light and dark on tiling - was translated into unique designs for edible snacks and food. The Limited Edition Gift Set, be it chocolate, a stack of crackers, pasta, sugar cube, candy, granola bar or cookies, acts as a reminder that even the most familiar objects can be seen in a different light. "

"The gift sets are intended for Noble's VIP customers and are on-sale at every Noble condominium café for those who have a taste for the unique. Products include "Chocolate High Rise" - The tracery and depth of the Noble Reform façade is translated into a three dimensional design; "Candy Cupola" - A rendering of the interplay of light and shadow cast by the afternoon sun onto Noble Reflex balconies; "Sugar Cubist" - The kaleidoscopic pattern of the vent shafts on Noble Re:D is articulated as a cubist polygon; and "Triagonal Pasta" - Seen through a 'twisted' eye, the detailing in the Noble Revent façade is a unique signature which can be flattened and stylized as a uniform design. "

We love when different design disciplines cross over from one medium to another. Ogilvy & Mather used the common threads between the three design disciplines to create a memorable and unique gift set. 

Designed by Oglivy & Matter

Country: Bangkok Thailand

Client: Noble Development 

Creative Director: Puripong Limwanatipong


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