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Punta Este

by Elena Massucco on 11/23/2016 | 2 Minute Read

Summer on this side of the continent is a memory of the past but the packaging of Punta Este, designed by Tobias Hall, virtually transport us to the sunny shores of Spain. 

The new beer from Estrella de Levante and the Damn Group is brewed in Mucia, south-eastern Spain and so, when asked to create the brand identity, packaging and comms for the launch, Tobias and the team find their design inspiration in the land of origin of the drink. 

“Orange was chosen to set the brand apart from it's competitors, while referencing the dark amber hue of the beer itself - a result of toasting the wheat - and the heat of the Spanish summers in that region.” 

Everything works harmoniously well together, from the choice of colours to the font and the patterns & imagery. A design that emotionally brings the consumers to the sunny shores of Europe and that delivers a strong and impactful presence across different touchpoints

Art Director/Designer: Tobias Hall

Creative Director: Maribel Romero Hernandez, Damm Group

Pack Shots: Nick Rees

Location: London, England

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