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by Elizabeth Freeman on 11/28/2016 | 5 Minute Read

Who doesn’t want a good night's sleep? With Eight you can have just that and more. Imagine waking up everyday refreshed and in a great mood. That surely will be a dream come true. 

“Created as a way to solve the founder's sleeping problems, Eight is a smart mattress cover focused on leveraging data from people's sleep patterns and disruptions in order to modify the environment accomplishing the perfect night sleep cycle. The cover employs ballistocardiography, allowing it to detect the heart rate and breathing in all sleep phases. Eight is able to control the mattress cover temperature, prepare wake-up alarms and even connect to other internet enabled devices such as the room's air conditioning.”

Designed by Anagrama, Eight’s brand aesthetic is minimal and clean. The box the sleeping device comes in is colored grey, accentuating the light purple color, with subtle details of the lunar phrase embellished on each side. Representing peace and serenity, the overall design brings the user experience to the front page on packaging that is so beautiful, you won’t want to throw it away. 

“Eight's new identity is inspired by the moon cycle appropriating its phases from a new moon all the way to a waning crescent while the name emphasizes the eight ideal hours of sleep a person requires. The brand reinforces the importance of liberating the mind of resting arrangements while working on recharging the body through the essential needed sleep hours.” 


Designed by Anagrama

Country: Mexico

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