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Concepts We Wish Were Real

by Natalie Mouradian on 11/18/2016 | 9 Minute Read

TGIF! That means it's time for another round of CWWWR!

Sweet Cowffee


Sweet Cowffee is a line of different types of milk. The minimalist look and colors of the bottles differentiate themselves from other milk products. The fun cow used as the logo also captures your attention. We decided to use candy colors to identify each product, reinforcing the brand's sweet and delicate reference. The leaves on the head of the cow refer to the organic origin of the product. 

Also, the reusable bottles help the environment and end up having a new function after the use of the product.

Designed by: Chiapa Design
Creative Director: Rodrigo Chiaparini
Creative Assistant: Mariane Silva
Location: São Paulo, Brazil


Clorox Redesign


The redesign of Clorox aims to change a dull cleaning routine into a playful experience for a younger audience by providing an elevated modern look that is relevant to millennials' current aesthetic. Cleaning is a ritual for most people and I believe it should be less stressful, intimidating, and most importantly, fun. Young people especially are having difficulty with keeping their places hygienic and are not always motivated to clean. This is due to their lack of time, experience, and intimidation or boredom with cleaning. A new Clorox design will help them be motivated and provide a playful experience. The form of this packaging is very unique and stands out among the competitors in the market. The circle shape of the bleach bottle reflects the circular motion people move in when they clean their countertops or do dishes. The handle of the bottle is really comfortable to hold and provides a nice grip. The bleach pen has two sizes which are indicated by the different thickness of red line treatment on each side.

Designed by: Haeshin Jo
Instructor: Ania Borysiewicz
Photographer: James Chu
Location: California, USA


Savi / Aquí


A good wine is enjoyed with four of the five senses. This includes the sound of uncorking a bottle, the color of the wine in the glass, the aroma of a bouquet on the nose, and the flavours of the wine on your mouth. In order to get a total sensory experience we designed this pair of bottles that invite us to touch them and dream through the touch. 

The red wine was inspired by the experience of a linear path an old wine maker might take. He collects grapes by hand at the moment that a grape ripens. The white wine was inspired by the curves that wine terraces create in the valley of the Ribeira Sacra. 

Since this was an academic project we created our own molds using 3D printing.

Designed by: Pablo CalzadoMario Montull, María López 
Location: Barcelona, Spain
University: Elisava
Course: MA in Packaging Design




Branding agency Funky Business® created the brand concept Nami which are cosmetics for men.  

When dealing with male cosmetics, it is important to consider nature and the consumption pattern of the audience. Men are more prone to think "I am the brand," so they might develop pre-conceived notions about a brand and avoid using it because of this thought process.

The main agency task was to bring attention to Japanese recipe tools for hair care. This task was a complicated one, based on the fact that the brand is different than the pre-existing style within the traditional Barbershop market.

The power of the Japanese samurai image and the surrounding traditions are the main selling point to the buyer. This imagery is a key component to the brand identification and solution. 

Agency: Funky Business® Branding Agency                                                                                                                                                                      Creative Director: Mikhail Ankudinov
Art-director: Ilya Tumaikin
Designer: Sergey Ryadovoy
3D, retouch: Konstantin Simonov
Project manager: Anna Raskova


Exotic Snacks


A re-design of the Swedish brand Exotic Snacks with the goal to attract a younger target group along with their conscious parents. These are parents who know about the latest trends and what to give their children as healthier options for snacks.

Designed By: Camilla Wallentin 
Location: Sweden


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