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BrandOpus designs new identity for Lil-lets

by Elizabeth Freeman on 10/19/2016 | 2 Minute Read

Lil-Lets has unveiled a bold new brand identity and pack design, designed by incumbent agency partner, BrandOpus

Following a strategic review of the brand, Lil-Lets, the leading non-applicator tampon brand in the UK and South Africa, has moved away from its ‘discreet’ positioning to a bolder and more refreshing approach to sanitary protection. 
The new design celebrates Lil-Lets’ new brand personality and superior products, which are designed by women, for women. 

Lil-Lets patented SmartFit™ tampon technology expands all the way round for comfort and protection against leaks. It is cleverly designed to help women carry on with life as normal and comfortable as possible, and has female insight at its core. 

BrandOpus focused the redesign on reaffirming Lil-Lets’ strong sense of intuition, trust, and understanding – embracing modern women and female connection, with the use of bright,strong colours and confident pack designs that don’t shy away on the shelf. 

“Modern women are real, strong and brilliant and we designed an identity that speaks to them.” says Kate Jones, Design Director, BrandOpus “Women shouldn’t feel the need to hide the fact they have periods. They’re part of life and what’s important to women now is that such a trusted brand recognizes who they are and what their needs may be.” 

Lil-Lets’ marketing director Mary Young said: “The launch of the redesigned Lil-Lets range sees Lil-Lets move towards a unified global brand that brings a contemporary approach as tampon experts and continues to have women at the heart of our marketing strategy”. 

The new identity and packaging will be rolling out from September this year across the UK and South Africa, with a view to later rollout in the Middle East. It will be supported by an above-the-line campaign in the UK from October 2016.


Creative Director: Paul Taylor

Design Director: Kate Jones

Designed by BrandOpus

Client: Mary Young, Lil-lets

Country: England

City: London

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