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by Elizabeth Freeman on 10/10/2016 | 4 Minute Read

Mimaskot was one of the first brands of dog food in the Peruvian market, being an alternative to what is used to feed pets, homemade food. Mimaskot worked toward educate consumers and awaken its category. Today, with a much more competitive market, there was the need to update and enhance the brand completely. Humanize and generate differentiators in respect to the competition, to then consolidate its leadership in the category. 

The first step was to understand how our target behaved, people who have pets. We saw that today people who have a dog they put a nickname, bath, the wrap them in clothes and even make them wear costumes. More than a pet, now having a dog is like having a child, and as such consumers seeks giving them the best. 

The dog food market in the country was behaving differently, giving priority to communicate technically the benefits and vitamins. This made the food seem more chemical than nutritive. 

The challenge was to strike a balance between communicating the benefits and simultaneously create a connection with the consumer. This is achieved through a photographic style, which portrays the conceited `child´, making them the protagonists in a package, eager to devour their food with a humanized attitude. We gave greater presence to the orange color, it was that set them apart from the competition. We organized each of the elements on the packaging, giving them a hierarchy and appropriate location. 

As a result, we made the brand visible in the different shops where the product was distributed and we updated the message with which Mimaskot began its trajectory as a brand. Mimaskot is not looking to sell vitamins or chemical components, but reinforce the love we feel for our pets.


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Country: Peru

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