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Stockholms Bränneri Gin

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 11/03/2016 | 3 Minute Read

Stockholm now has its first craft distillery. Stockholms Bränneri was founded and run by a married Swedish couple that decided to quit their jobs as consultants and instead pursue their dreams. Scandinavian Design Group developed the brand identity and packaging for the distillery’s new gin.

“The crafted gin, flavored with natural herbs and spices, was our main source of when Scandinavian Design Group set to work with visualizing the qualities of this dynamic startup. The identity of Stockholms Bränneri is most clearly communicated through the pharmacy-inspired bottle, with its dark brown color that keeps the flavor fresh and distinct for a long time.”

“The label contains open spaces that are written by hand by the gin makers during the process, a human touch to an otherwise structured design. A crest for the distillery symbolizes tradition. However, the seal is not all traditional – it’s modern and energetic with a sparkling drink. This balance symbolizes gin culture. Gin is fun and social yet sophisticated, right between the grown-up serious whiskey and the young nightlife vodka.”

Stockholms Bränneri has a distinctly Scandinavian style, looking minimal and matter-of-fact. A sans serif font gives it a modern, no-nonsense appearance, while the amber bottles emphasize the herbs and fresh ingredients that go into crafting up the perfect gin. Every bottle can be handwritten to include the blend information and batch number, creating an incredibly personal experience for every consumer.


Designed by: Scandinavian Design Group

Designer: Carl Bachmann

Creative Director: Nils Jensen

Client: Stockholms Bränneri

Country: Sweden

City: Stockholm

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