Pepsi X Shanghai Fashion Week

by Jessica Deseo on 11/01/2016 | 2 Minute Read

Pepsi, Fashion, Pink, and tropical palm leaves = amazing! Who knew a collaboration such as this could really be so fresh and inspiring. Check out this limited edition can from Pepsi and Shanghai Fashion Week. 

"Pepsi China's Limited Edition can for Shanghai Fashion Week SS17 celebrates the collaboration between the fashion world and Pepsi's "Live for Now" spirit. Evocative of fresh summer retreats, tropical and palm leaves are set on the periphery of a pink flesh-tone background and part to reveal the Pepsi logo, at once encapsulating the Spring-Summer vibe and placing Pepsi in the intersection of fashion, lifestyle and the everyday. The can is transformed into an accessory of style accessible to all."

Pepsi SFW SS17 - LTO can - tote bag 2 panels.jpg

Via: Pepsi

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