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by Tiffanie Medina on 10/26/2016 | 4 Minute Read

Iglöo Creative, Spain created a package design for a commemorative t-shirt of the 30th International Theater and Dance Fair in Huesca (Spain).

"After designing the main image of the even in which a tortoise (Flora) is the star, we decided to create a special packing in which the design is a 'wink' to the design of the poster." From then the unique packaging was formed into a shape of a tortoise. His shell was used as a clear container where you can see the logo (XXX). 

We love the idea of using the shape of the tortoise as the shape of the container for the t-shirt. Attendees that are familiar with the event's posters and imagery definitely can relate the two immediately and can truly appreciate the idea. We love the continuation of the color scheme and typography throughout the collateral for the event, from the poster to tickets, pamphlets, t-shirts and the packaging for the t-shirt itself. 

The design team was able to use those simple elements without 'copying' and paste it everywhere. In contrast, they were able to create differentiation between each piece by using scale, shapes, different background colors etc.By doing so, each design is different yet, ties in to each other beautifully. 

Designer: Paola Coiduras

Art Director: Paola Coiduras

Creative Director: Eric Novo

Photographer: dobleSTUDI

Designed by Igöo Creativo

Client: Feria Internacional de Teatro y Danza de Huesca

Country: Spain

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