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Cemento Sol Cement

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 10/20/2016 | 3 Minute Read

If a brand is lucky to last a century, they might be pretty wary of undergoing a redesign. Not Cemento Sol. After 100 years in business, they turned to Brandlab for a new look that would take it back to its roots.

“There are few brands that meet 100 years, and even fewer have the audacity to reinvent themselves. Cemento Sol is the oldest of Peru cement him the most important works of Lima as the National Stadium were built, the Expressway, the Rebagliati Hospital and many of our homes. The rebranding moved to rescue its origins, paying tribute to the first bag, found in a publication of the Trade 100 years ago.”

Taking the image from the newspaper is a clever nod to the brand’s origin but also helps it embrace a simplicity of the original design. The sun in the center feels welcoming and instantly garners trust from the consumer. Using brown packaging also gives it a DIY, hands-on feel, which is ideal for those in construction. Adding in a bit of green lightens up the look and contributes to the earthy vibe.


Designed by Brandlab

Country: Peru

City: Lima

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