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by Elizabeth Freeman on 10/12/2016 | 5 Minute Read

I can guarantee you've never experienced a pizza joint like this before. Designed by Futura, pizza boxes, crafted sodas, and sweet teas are dressed in one of a kind packaging that gives its competitors a run for their money. Urban street style with patriotic flair, the illustrations for these pizza boxes and bottles are bold and expressive connecting consumers with the brand through cultural relevancy. 

"&pizza is a Washington DC - based chain restaurant famous for their crafted pizza, and for their retribution to society. They are changing the traditional way of selling pizza, and twisting their business in every possible way.

We were given the task of designing a series of boxes with certain inspiration which reflected &pizza’s vision. What they are all about is celebrating individuality, that is one of the main reasons we got absolute freedom, and how we came up with the packaging design for this project."

"Each pizza box has its own graphic inspiration behind, going from Americana theme, to Street Art. We even got to design our own Futura themed box. &Pizza also crafts their own sodas, and teas offering completely new products to their costumers. Futura designed the branding for their beverages (5 flavored sodas, crafted teas and wine). Each one with just one specific petition: make them feel like a unity, but each line with a completely different feeling."


Designed by Futura

Country: Mexico

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