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Legna London Candles

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 10/11/2016 | 3 Minute Read

Legna London candles portray the core values of the brand: strength, unity, and wisdom. 77 Creative developed packaging to convey different moods and emotions that the scents portray, taking inspiration from beautiful locations all around the world.

“Legna London is a luxury candle brand for men. Using a collection of photos from the clients' archives, we decided to create collage 'mood' images which subtly convey an emotion for each of the candle fragrances. The photos are of textures from all around the world with countries including Sri Lanka, South Africa, Jamaica, Spain and the UK. Once the client was happy with the collages, we then applied them to the packaging and extended the style we created to posters and single page ads.”

Although Legna London are designed for men, they avoid details that give it a cliched machismo. Darker hues certainly give it a moody and powerful vibe, and the illustrations are beautiful without appearing too feminine. The classic serif font gives it a more traditional look, giving Legna an established reputation for excellence.


Designed by 77 Creative

Creative Director: Trent Payne

Country: United Kingdom

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