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by Theresa Christine Johnson on 01/14/2016 | 2 Minute Read

There’s more than one side to everyone, and Antagonic might just help you dig up that deeper, more intimate part of yourself. This gin, new to Peru, lures you in with a beautiful simplicity combined with a touch of mystery. Conceived by Studio A – Interbrand, the gin is a stunning craft spirit to add to your liquor cabinet.

“Cartavio Rum Company commissioned us the challenge of creating a new brand of premium Gin for the Peruvian market. With this goal in mind, we created ‘Antagonic,’ a completely disruptive name that takes its origin in the idea of the ‘antagonistic,’ the hidden side of each person, to break with the British codes that are associated with the premium gins industry.”

Antagonic gives the impression that looks can be deceiving. While it seems like a simple and straightforward design, it’s also curious. A basic serif font appears in black, both right-side up and upside down. Lines that shape two large triangles on either side of the label slowly blend outwards, creating an intense black graphic. The crystal clear bottle allows the minimal, fine details of the label to stand out.

“The hidden face, the more intimate, deep and forgotten thought of every one of us. This double face, opposite and complementary, which visually expressed through a minimalist and geometric visual codes, where the lines give the protagonism to the moiré pattern, contrasting with the subtlety of the roman brand’s typography.”


Designed by Studio A – Interbrand

Country: Peru

City: Lima

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