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GIFTS for GOOD – 2016 Red Packets

by Elizabeth Freeman on 01/13/2016 | 4 Minute Read

“It’s a blessing, with hope and strength. Sending a unique gift to express your good will in such a happy time, in the festival for the coming spring. Keeping beautiful things that occur in beautiful moments. It is a gift to be by your side in all important moments, to share expectations and experiences you have in your journey of good life.”

GIFTS for GOOD is a gorgeous mix of elegance and vivacity, combining exquisite graphics, rich colors, choice embossing, and eye-catching gold accents. Designed by Box Brand Design, the packets come in a wide array of designs, each with its own special beauty about it. The attention to detail makes GIFTS for GOOD a precious and rare item, appropriate for the spring festival for which it’s intended. Graphics on the packets come to life the more you examine them, making it a unique experience for every person who has one.


Designed by Box Brand Design

Country: China

City: Hong Kong

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