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Concepts We Wish Were Real

by Elizabeth Freeman on 01/08/2016 | 14 Minute Read

Get inspired this weekend with today's Concepts We Wish Were Real.

Steve's Ice Cream


Brooklyn Blackout Cake. Burnt Sugar Vanilla. Wildflower Honey Pistachio. Evidently, dreams do come true. These heavenly flavors come from Steve’s Ice Cream, a Brooklyn, New York company that is gluten, egg, and soy free, as well as non-GMO. Chris Allen developed these brand and packaging variation concepts for the brand, situating Steve’s Ice Cream as a premium dessert choice. Allen’s design for Steve’s Ice Cream uses a slightly vintage approach in their packaging, combining multiple fonts and organizing information into various sections. Each label sticks to a simple color palette, indicative of the wholesome ingredients that go into each pint. The incredibly organized layout gives the impression that this is an ice cream geared towards adults and those with a more refined palate.

Designed by Chris Allen

Country: United States


Disney Coke


It’s a small world after all, isn’t it? This concept cleverly combines two huge brands to give buyers a new appreciation for both of them. Nacim Shehin has developed these delightful Coca-Cola cans that feature Mickey and the gang for a fun spin on the familiar. Each character’s blank face appears on the can, expressionless – no eyes or smile, just the outline and colors of their face. No more detail is needed, really, as those mouse ears are pretty recognizable no matter where you put them. This also requires the buyer to go through the process of recognizing which character is on the can, making it an enjoyable and rewarding experience when they do realize who it is. The Coca-Cola label appears on the can in its usual spot, but instead of the usual color palette, each character has a few choice colors associated with it. Shehin’s concept makes drinking a Coke a new kind of experience for the buyer, and also encourages die-hard Disney fans to try them all and even collect the cans.

Designed by Nacim Shehin

Country: Mexico


Copper Rock Brewing


“Some say we struck gold if you paid attention in history class; we prefer copper.” Copper Rock Brewing’s robust attitude about its beer translates directly into this concept by student Andy Woycik. This strong, tough approach isn’t just for show, though – it’s actually rooted in the history of the brand.

“Copper Rock Brewing Co. is a craft brewery whose name was inspired by the historical and cultural significance of Northern Michigan copper mining, mainly in the Keweenaw Peninsula. Paying respect to their roots, landmarks and legends, Copper Rock Brewery is designed to feel rugged, utilitarian, honest and hardworking just like the old U.P. copper miners. Copper Rock brews beer traditional in nature, but totally unique to Michigan’s ‘Copper Country.’”

Taking the history of the Northern Michigan area sets Copper Rock Brewing apart from other craft breweries, basing it in honesty and a genuine identity. The utilitarian approach manifests itself through the faint lines of a topographic map on the label, weathered text, and a label with uneven edges at the neck of the bottle. Copper Rock brews seem to have personality and tenacity, seeming like the perfect way to cool down at the end of a long workday. A Copper Rock Sample Pack offers four varieties of beers, a perfect sampling of craft beer for an enthusiast or for someone looking to branch out from their usual beer selection. 

Designed by Andy Woycik

Country: United States




Who would have guessed that one little frog could be such a striking image to see on a wine label. Designed by Dickson Wong Graphic Design, this packaging for a small French winery certainly situates it into a premium wine category. The burnt orange pops against the black label, and elegant yet simple text and graphics give it a refined appearance. Tall, thin bottles have a feeling of esteem about them, and cylindrical packaging houses each individual bottle, making the experience of opening it even more special.

“La petite grenouille française is one of my concept packaging projects, which showcases the brand and packaging for a small family-owned winery in France. The name Le grenouille française (little French frog) plays with the idea of the association between Frenchmen and Frog and also highlight the exotic nature of the wine. My goal is to make a modern label that is suitable for contemporary urban consumption and is also able to show the unique, exotic taste of their wine.”

Designed by Dickson Wong Graphic Design

Country: United Kingdom


UFO Dairy


Happy cows, rolling green pastures, and quaint farmhouses – these are all played out and exhausted images for dairy companies. Titov Design decided to think outside the box with this playful concept for UFO Dairy, making it stand out on the shelves and also create a more personal connection with buyers.

“We have done a little different packaging design of dairy products. The plot – a cow, which was kidnapped by the aliens. The classic story, a little bit of irony, pure and simple graphics. This design, in the first place, would be interesting for the people of young and middle age. For this category of consumers not only product quality matters, but also its visual image. Many manufacturers of this product category is quite conservative and rarely dare to experiment. We propose to make an unusual package, which would quickly find your target group.”

By simply taking a different approach, UFO Dairy is immediately a standout choice. It’s funny and entertaining by telling a quirky story, it’s unusual and eye-catching, and it is refreshing and unexpected. The milk comes in 1.5, 2.5, and 3.6 percent fat, each variety with a coordinating color. On the front of the packaging you see the cow being lifted by the light of a UFO, and other graphics add in personality, such as twinkling stars and an alien waving hello. UFO Dairy’s story seems to communicate that what it offers is unique and better than the rest, as well as indicating that cows are specially selected to create their dairy products.

Designed by Titov Design

Country: Belarus




When it comes to getting rid of mosquitoes and other pests, I think it’s fair to say we all want something no-nonsense that works quickly and effectively. TOX:PRO, a student concept developed by Varvara, appeals to this sense of urgency and is perfect for those who want results without having to put in too much time or effort.

TOX:PRO takes an incredibly detailed, measured approach to insect repellants. Inside metal tins, individual packets measure out one dose. Text is written out as if it were part of a digital clock, and this same type of design is used with the graphics of small bugs on the front. This sort of methodical approach builds trust in consumers, assuring them that TOX:PRO is an effective way to get rid of pests. On top of that, the blaring red almost acts as a warning sign, advising buyers to take care when using the products.

Designed by Varvara

Country: Russia


Wine Label Series


When it comes down to it, if a company is able to get in good with millennials then there is quite a large potential for success. Take, for example, this wine label concept from de_form – a wine that isn’t concerned with being regarded as premium so much as affordable, lively, and well-suited for a younger crowd. 

“Our aim was to create a very simple, clear visual concept. As the target audience consists of a lot of young people and the brand can be reached at a very affordable price, we wanted the packaging to be remembered easily but clearly emphasize that it is not a premium category label. Our choice was to communicate with basic forms and bright colors, so the young customers can get a fresh and trendy visuality while customers with an older age can sympathize with its simplicity.”

Millennials will naturally be attracted to the bold hues and shapes of the label, allowing it to speak to them on some level of their own personal characteristics. The wine is intended to be noticed, and it is straightforward and unapologetic about it. Utilizing a simple approach, the wine is recognizable and fun, making it an easy choice for a night in with friends.

Designed by de_form

Country: Hungary


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