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by Elizabeth Freeman on 02/01/2016 | 2 Minute Read

Delivering you more than hydration, WaterYou is the ultimate recovery pack for your daily needs. One dosage of WaterYou vitamins can help you curb your appetite, heal any muscle aches, or make you more of a morning person. Designed by Urszula Krasny, supplements are packaged into on-the-go travel pouches labeled with a fun infographics.  

"WaterYou is a natural, soluble supplement that you add to your daily glass of H2O so that it’s always half full. It’s full of vitamins, minerals and benefits. We established a new brand identity and a set of basic outcomes that the brand had to represent. WaterYou is punchy, sometimes sarcastic, and always friendly. The brand is launched with three supplement products: Erase Button (For the damage, not the fun), Curb Your Appetite (Not your enthusiasm), and Wake up Call (It's time to be a morning person)."


Designed by Urszula Krasny

Country: Poland

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