Culteavo Tea

by Elizabeth Freeman on 02/01/2016 | 3 Minute Read

Get back in touch with nature with Culteavo tea. Designed by Robinsson Cravents, each tea is inspired by a living organism that is illustrated on tin cans. Pointillism is applied to the design with a colored dot to indicate the type of tea. A white label at the base of the packaging gives the consumer a better understanding of the beverage and how to brew it for optimal taste.

"We are well travelled and studied. We learned how it’s done, and how it’s not. We keep learning, and sharing. It is all about the know-how, and the know-who. We respect tradition and give it a whole new meaning. Experience Culteavo: a tea state of mind."

"What’s in a name:

Culteavo was inspired by the deeper meaning of the verb “cultivate”: to foster the growth of... not just tea, but the mind, soul and spirit. Culteavo is culture, community, wellness, awareness, awakening of the senses."


Designed by Robinsson Cravents

Country: Columbia

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