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Concepts We Wish Were Real

by Elizabeth Freeman on 01/29/2016 | 9 Minute Read

T.G.I.F! Time to celebrate the end of the week with a collection of our Concepts We Wish Were Real. 

Wadmans Organic Food


Todd Anderson has conceptualized food packaging to its simplest form. Fresh fruits, veggies and pantry items are given a face with watercolor illustrations of the ingredient. Inspired to challenge the common format of supermarket packaging design, these pleasant drawings were created to take the place of what normally would be a photograph or plain label. A white background gives the design a cleaner look and adds breathing space when the products are placed next to each other. The brand's name is minimalized, allowing the consumer to focus on the quality of the product they are buying rather than the "brand name". 

Designed by Todd Anderson

Country: United Kingdom


DUO–Rebranding Concept



"The idea reflects a fun and pleasant attitude towards sex. This direction proposes an illustrated character for each type of condom based on their quality and characteristics. The aim was to establish a clear and original identity and stand out from the main competitors and mostly the leader of the market (Durex). This range was proposed to work mostly as a special edition series. This is [the first concept presented to the client last year] and not a produced project. It was designed during my time in mousegraphics. We presented it to the client and we had had a very good feedback. You can see the excellent work that was produced visiting the website of mousegraphics or any condom selling point."

Designed by mousegraphics

Country: Greece


Cardinal Mill Flour IOPP 48Hour Repack


The current packaging for flour can be quite inconvenient and messy in the kitchen. I personally know first hand when baking, flour usually gets all over the countertop and floor. Olivia Phelan has a solution to this everyday struggle. A sturdy, recyclable canister designed for easy handling, pouring and scooping. Each type of flour is easily identified by a bright colored stripe that runs diagonally across the front of the bag. Upon opening the canister, you are greeted with a triangular-shaped sheet of paper with dotted lines instructing you to fold it to form the scooper. 

Not only is this concept pleasing to the eye, but it does its job helping out all the cooks. No need to find a clip to seal the top after use, just place the scooper in and close the lid. 

Designed by Olivia Phelan

Country: United States




When purchasing skin care products, I find myself gravitating toward ones with pretty packaging and Nika, although a concept, is just up my alley. Designed by Rustam Usmanov, hand lotion, eye creams, and hair treatments are presented in a vibrant purple box. A ribbon is looped on the side, making it easy for the consumer to access the skin care pieces. Each product is placed in white tubes labeled with custom iconography and accented with the color purple.

Designed by Rustam Usmanov

Country: Russia


Rove Chocolate


Rove is a fictional handcrafted bean-to-bar chocolate brand that offers a unique collection of flavors from around the world. Drawing inspiration from the name, the concept for the packaging was to use the universal visual language of the postal mail as the main theme. Colors serve as visual cues, representing each country of origin. Such design elements as mailing labels and postage stamps added authenticity to the identity, and the use of selected stock and wood helped create a warm, approachable and natural look.

Designed by Nadia Skovorodneva

Country: United States





Playful packaging inspired by the mandala. Designed by Ivan Bravin-Rogov, Soap bottles are organically shaped to represent nature and dressed in colors of blue, orange and green. A soap sud mandala is featured on the front alongside the "TRI" logo. Custom infographics were created to represent the three uses of each product: floors, carpets, and windows, giving the consumer the ability to easily identify one product from another. 

Designed by Ivan Bravin-Rogov

Country: Russia


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