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Maraná Craft Chocolate

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 01/27/2016 | 3 Minute Read

Allow Maraná Craft Chocolate to transport you right to Peru with their artisanal chocolate bars. Made with cocoa supplied from three different areas of Peru, ICONO developed the Maraná brand and its packaging.

“The aim was to convey the Peruvian and artisanal spirit of the products, for which ICONO designed tailor-made illustrations that reflect the popular art of each area of Peru. The scenes depict the development of chocolate (planting, harvesting, grinding) which allow for distinct personalities that highlight the traditions and culture of each place. This differentiation creates special value for the local communities that have contributed to the cultivation of cocoa for hundreds of years.”

The cocoa used to make the bars are sourced from Piura (Peru’s north coast), Cusco (the Andes) and San Martín (the jungle), and vastly different illustration styles are used for each. The Maraná name appears in a bright neon circle that instantly pops, and the thin line that surrounds the brand name also helps to create the accent for the “a” at the end. It looks exotic and full-bodied, wonderful qualities for the chocolate to convey. Gold accents add a sense of opulence to the brand, making it a perfect sweet delicacy to enjoy.


Designed by ICONO

Client: Cacao Valley

Country: Peru

City: Lima

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