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by Theresa Christine Johnson on 01/27/2016 | 5 Minute Read

Barbon is a shining example of a product that desires to make life simple. Today, the average person is busy and overwhelmed with all sorts of messages, and when it comes to men’s shaving and skincare, Barbon makes things easy and straightforward. A branch of Coala, Peltan-Brosz Roland designed Barbon to appeal to a sophisticated man looking for effective products that are easy to navigate through and choose.

“Baeder Hermann founded his factory in 1918. The factory continuously improved the range and volume of its products. The products distributed under the brand names of Caola. Soon nearly 800 various beauty care products were manufactured in the total of four plants. Even that time the factory boosted an outstanding export activity. It held depots in Milan, Zagreb, Prague, New York and Oradea. In 1948 the company was nationalized.”

“Barbon is Caola's range of products for men’s shaving. The lineup consists of 5 cosmetic products: pre shave that helps stiffening of the beard, foam simultaneously protects and nourishes the shaved skin, after shave cools and regenerates the skin, care cream helps regenerate the skin and wax gives the beard healthy look and shine. All these products make up a linear process so visually they are numbered and distinguished by pastel colors and patterns that suggest the content and purpose.”

Barbon utilizes a simple number and letter system to distinguish each item. Shaving tools are labeled with letters—B for brush and R for razor—and the numbers obviously make a shaving routine effortless to implement. The boxes for the skincare products are grayscale images that look like soap mixing with water in different ways, indicating each item’s purpose. It also creates a look that is not brimming with machismo but still appears masculine and refined. Pastel colors give Barbon a warm and welcoming feel, implying that it’s an excellent way for a man to indulge and pamper himself.


Designed by Peltan-Brosz Roland

Country: Hungary

City: Budapest

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