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by Theresa Christine Johnson on 01/25/2016 | 4 Minute Read

Sure, tea is just another drink, but for many it is a also a ritual that brings them peace and happiness. Hindie is a tea leaf brand that aims to encourage people to drink delicious teas by creating genuine emotional connections to the process of drinking tea itself. SAVVY STUDIO designed the branding and packaging for the line of products, focusing on the excellent quality of the tea Hindie sources.

“Hindie is a brand that seeks to introduce the habit of drinking good tea in our society by generating profound human connection through the rituals concerned in brewing and drinking, which involve high levels of meditation and contemplation. The brand’s essence revolves around Asia’s respectful and spiritual tea culture, taking conscientious inspiration from every scent and flavor present in each sip. Hindie tea ingredients are carefully selected and always presented in whole herb strands to offer the drinker a natural and superior taste experience.”

“Since whole herb strands are one of the brand’s most distinctive qualities, Savvy developed an identity based on textures that exhibit their peculiar, organic essence. In addition to exalting the product’s unique nature, the texture brings equilibrium to a clean, premium identity without sacrificing its exceptional earthly origin.”

Looking earthy and sacred, Hindie’s packaging keeps the leaves fresh while also looking like an easy and beautiful addition to someone’s daily life. A color palette of hues one might find on a morning walk through the forest elicit feelings of warmth and happiness. Tins and packets all have a circular sticker (a peaceful symbol) that lists off the vital information of the tea, making it simple for even a new tea drinker to better understand what is going into his or her cup.

“The rest of the graphic language aspires to position Hindie as a product of unparalleled quality, ideal for those who find the strength and tranquility in tea to carry on with their everyday activities, and for those companies who consider Hindie a perfect compliment to their gastronomic offerings.”


Designed by SAVVY STUDIO

Country: United States

City: New York

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