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Concepts We Wish Were Real

by Elizabeth Freeman on 01/22/2016 | 11 Minute Read


Happy Friday Everyone! Pull up a chair, sit back, and enjoy this weeks concepts we wish were real. 



Life without an internet connection—if this is a concept that frightens you, then the No Wifi Survival Kit is how you can help discover (or rediscover) life without the internet. Nora Kaszanyi developed the highly visual concept that provides just what you need to live life while not being connected.

Just like a box of goodies and toys you might put together for a child to use on a rainy day, the No Wifi Survival Kit contains a variety of items that remind us that life sans internet isn’t the end of the world. Complete with stationery, tea, games, a book, compass, and even a condom, everything is packaged separately in an orderly fashion. The design is uncomplicated, using only two colors and incredibly straightforward graphics and text without any frills, emphasizing the idea that going without wifi may be a more simple way to go about your day but it can, of course, be just as enjoyable. The kit’s steps are also basic: “Step 1: Disconnect,” and then “Step 2: Choose” and decide on whatever activity you want. Kaszanyi’s No Wifi Survival Kit provides a plethora of options, but the clear-cut design prevents the buyer from becoming overwhelmed or disinterested.

Designed by Nora Kaszanyi

Country: Hungary




Chocolate is delicious enough, but add in flavors like passionfruit and guava and it opens up a whole new world of possibility. This delightfully fun line of chocolate products called namnam is a concept by Huyen Do that takes bean-to-bar chocolate and gives it a Vietnamese twist.

namnam is a fictitious artisan chocolate brand that pairs unexpected tropical flavors with traditional European-style chocolate. The brand embodies characteristics of ‘another’ Vietnam—a place of genuine warmth, hospitality and liveliness—conveyed through vibrant colors, quirky typography, fun and light-hearted illustrations.”

The graphics of smiling young children on the front are endearing and speak well to kids as well as to the child inside of us all who enjoys a little something sweet from time to time. Exotic flavors are represented with vibrant colors as well as small drawings of the fruit on the front image, and the look of each flavor remain consistent throughout the line. Even the name “namnam” seems cute and adorable, but the strong identity prevents it from feeling too childish. Text appears on a curved lines, further emphasizing the fun and playful feelings the brand elicits. 

Designed by Huyen Do

Country: United States


Knitwear for the new age. Adamantia Chatzivasileiou has developed this striking concept for Luna | Premium Handmade Wear that truly brings out the fine details of each item. 

“Maria Linaris is a young fashion designer who creates knitted clothes and accessories, with a modern approach and high aesthetic quality. The logo design brings all the above elements together, giving the brand a visual signature. The packaging predisposes the customer to the texture and the quality of the piece of clothing contained inside the box, and it is part of the Luna clothing experience. The colors that were chosen are in light and feminine tones.”

Luna’s logo is a work of art by itself, with intricate lines that cross and create a stained glass effect, emphasizing the great detail and care that MariaLinaris puts into her clothing. It appears on all the products in various ways—whether it’s a tag hanging on the new item or the entire top of a gift box. Against the light, frosty hues, the black is a stark contrast, and together they reflect the charm and durability of finely crafted handmade goods.

Designed by Adamantia Chatzivasileiou

Country: Greece




Anthos Botanicals Hand Cream is so beautifully realistic, you get a clear idea in your head of what it smells like without even trying the product. Designed by Pauline Teunissen of La Scarlatte, the concept takes luxurious scents and brings them to life with gorgeous illustrations that pop on the crisp, white packaging.

Anthos Botanicals lets the incredible detail and dreamy colors of the drawings hook buyers, with the brand name and scent written in a black, unadorned text. Each variety has a number attached to it, giving the brand a more premium and exclusive vibe. The illustrations look like they were pulled directly from a nature sketchbook, perhaps hinting at natural or organic ingredients used in the products. Lovely flowers indicate the scents are feminine and sweet and the packaging seems to beautify the space around it, making Anthos Botanicals Hand Cream the type of skincare product someone would want to leave out to be seen in their home.

Designed by La Scarlatte

Country: The Netherlands




Hatifnati BLOOMS is a concept line of wine and snacks that will appeal to your dark side. Developed by HUGMUN STUDIO, the premium products ooze extravagance and indulgence with an enigmatic mask, piquing the curiosity of those who dare to try the innovative flavors.

“Hatifnati BLOOMS is a concept design for luxury goodies. Our idea was to create special edition of wines and sweets in a dark and mysterious moods. The tastes are rather unusual. We have signalized them with color and illuminative illustrations.”

While you may have never seen thistle natural snacks or herbal dry red wine, the unique combinations attract those who feel adventurous and and interested in trying something they can’t usually find. The exotic offerings alone seem to speak to an audience with a more discerning palate, and the mysterious packaging almost seems to dare someone to buy and try it. Detailed illustrations of the ingredients practically glow against the packaging, an effect that makes Hatifnati BLOOMS stand out even more against the competition. 


Country: Poland




Nova interior paint is better than your average powder paint. Not only is it natural and non-toxic, but it contains no volatile organic compounds. This concept, designed by Daniel Lindqvist, steps away from the typical paint can to give us something lovely and delicate. 

Nova’s logo inspires creativity, making the sometimes daunting task of interior decorating and painting more manageable. The colors of the paint appear on the cylindrical packaging, and a small accent of natural wood offsets the hues and gets consumers excited to start their own painting projects on the walls of their home. Open the packaging and the top slopes down slightly, creating a scoop that allows for easy pouring. The paint kits come with some of the vital tools needed for interior paint projects, all in an easy-to-carry case. 

Designed by Daniel Lindqvist

Country: United States


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