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by Elizabeth Freeman on 01/21/2016 | 3 Minute Read

Brighten up your day with a little sweet treat by Black&Brown. Designed by Coba&associates, these delicious marzipan bites are flavored with a variety of fruits and nuts and packed neatly in individual pouches of their own. Easy for on the go, Black& Brown is also a great gift for any occasion. A colorful box arranges the small pouches in order and is labeled with the brand's logo. For that lux feel, a ribbon with the word, "Marzipan" wraps itself tightly on the corner of the box. 

"Not everything is black and white! 

We had a task of combining quality, premium taste and high expectations of presumed luxury. As marzipan snacks don't really have a position in the Serbian market, we wanted to go with an image of reassuring. We created a new quality seal - like logo for the Black and Brown brand and applied it as major visual unifier across the range, creating instant recognizability and shelf visibility, while at the same time suggesting a reputation for high quality. For the premium gift range, we also scrapped the pricey black tin boxes and replaced those with much less expensive square cardboard packs, with just a few details embossed in gold print."


Designed by Coba&associates


Country: Serbia

Designer: Slobodan Jovanović 

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