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FongCha Tea

by Elizabeth Freeman on 01/20/2016 | 3 Minute Read

Transport yourself into a world of peace and serenity with Fongcha Teas. Designed by Nio Ni, tin canisters and paper tea boxes are adorned with abstract illustrations that seem to evoke a sense of childhood. A black backslash is used on the lux box set and shopping bags to make the imagery more vivid in color. The brand's logo, an abstracted line drawing of some sort of animal, is discreetly placed in the illustration. The logo is inspired by the idea that every child when growing up adopts an imaginary friend. 

"Childhood memories are always seen in the cool trees , the quiet before the temple courtyard , Will have a low stool stands a pot of tea , Teapot mouth cup will hang silently waiting passer take to drink a cup , This is Taiwan's culture very special traditional culture ─ serve tea . In order to reflect the culture of tea to share , And Taiwan tea surprising level of rich , Feng tea will uphold this spirit , from Taiwan to the world."


Planning: Henry Y

Display: Nio Ni 、Blues Tunnel

Photography: Maxiho85

Designed by Nio Ni 

Client: 豐文創

Country: Taiwan

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