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by Theresa Christine Johnson on 10/01/2015 | 2 Minute Read

“Manousakis Winery releases Tsikoudia, a distillate made from the marc of their Roussanne grapes…and only drunk by the mighty!” This crystal clear liquid in an old-fashioned amber bottle is a spirit that certainly looks to be a hearty one. Marios Karystios designed the packaging, giving Tsikoudia a bit of a puzzling, secretive appearance.

“Tsikoudia has a long standing history in Crete and is used not only as an aperitif, but also for it's healing powers that locals believe it has. Traditionally, most households produce this strong spirit and enjoy it either at room temperature or directly from the freezer. The packaging is inspired by old style pharmaceutical bottles enclosing this mysterious liquid that has been more or less a local secret for thousands of years. The label portrays the Minotaur planting a labyrinth vineyard and wearing the traditional Cretan costume.”

Against the bottle, a yellow label with black text and illustrations is simple yet beautiful. The edges of the label are uneven, emphasizing the special attention that went into a unique product that mostly only locals know about. While the main illustration is executed in a realistic style, the Minotaur stands out and makes Tsikoudia feel fantastical and special. The label’s font choices further give the spirit a traditional vibe, making Tsikoudia a treat for consumers looking for a local, lesser-known drink.


Designed by: Marios Karystios

Country: Cyprus

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