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by Elizabeth Freeman on 10/01/2015 | 3 Minute Read


Avivi is a new line of body oils, scrubs, and facial serum, all containing avocado oil. The products were created to leverage the restorative properties of the natural ingredients. 

The bottle design process began by sourcing economical stock components that could be easily customized. Round, frosted glass bottles and jars were selected to showcase the beautiful, luminous quality of the oils. The lower halves of the bottles were dipped in an industrial plastic normally used to create hand grips for tools and hardware. This added both protection and a magical quality to the overall look. The outer mylar boxes feature dynamic watercolors of natural imagery, helping to brand each individual scent. For Youthful, Avivi's "hero" product, a special bottle with a silver base was selected to help convey its premium positioning and ingredients.


Art Director: Marc S Levitt

Designer: Ryan Nussbaum

Strategy: Sheri L Koetting

Illustrator: Joanna Szmerdt

Photographer: Carolyn Taylor

Designed by MSLK

Client: YoungerYou LLC

Country: United States

City: New York

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