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Life Easy

by Elizabeth Freeman on 09/30/2015 | 3 Minute Read

Who says that solutions for the Professional Sector have to look boring and unexciting? 
Meet EASY*, a line of juices for HoReCa customers developed by Delta Foods, a key retail player in juice and dairy. 
Inspired by the sensual pleasure typically connected with the juice regime, we went beyond the obvious and incorporated emotion in our design solution. Centered on Pin-Up Girls and a retro visual language, the EASY line of juices breaks the mold and introduces vibrancy and sensuality in a category typically plagued by bluntness. 


Creative Director / Designer: Spyros Doukas

Photography: Math Studio

Hairstylist: Andreas & Thanos

Make Up: Dimitra Dalari

Styling: Sofia Kotsikou & Tasos Dimas

Cocktails made by: Sparcky Majik Moaner

Katia Dede | ACE modelsl
Sissy Papatsori | Fashion Cult Models
Teodora Bjelica | Fashion Cult Models

Shooting location: Recipe bar

Bartender: Spyros Vatikiotis

Designed by spoondesign

Client: Delta foods S.A. 

Country: Greece

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