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Over the Hills

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 09/28/2015 | 2 Minute Read

Bottled water has never been so colorful. Over the Hills is a line of naturally refreshing mineral water that comes in all different flavors. Studio–JQ worked on the branding and packaging, with the aim “to develop a refreshing and colourful drinks product that uses illustration as it's main selling point.”

The line of water from Over the Hills uses the same design on every bottle and simply changes the color palette depending on the flavor. Raspberry, for example, is a deep, rich pink, and blackcurrant is a royal purple. The bottle features a pop-top, as opposed to a screw top, which makes getting a quick drink easy. On the packaging, the mountain range is delightfully geometric, and combined with the sans serif font it makes Over the Hills feel fresh, new, and almost revolutionary.

Of course, the water is certainly unique — each one goes through six layers of volcanic filtration, giving it a unique mineral composition. Over the Hills was designed to stand out because it’s not just ordinary bottled water. On top of its rare filtration process, the line of flavors ensures that each customer will find a favorite.


Designed by Studio–JQ

Country: United Kingdom

City: Bristol

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