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by Elizabeth Freeman on 09/25/2015 | 1 Minute Read

Enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, creativity, determination, attraction, success, encouragement, and stimulation are all words that one associates with the color orange. Follow us this Friday morning as we explore a collection of orange packaging.


Dona Oliva Pizzeria

In the middle of a saturated market and no difference between establishments, in a scenario where normally you get the client by the price, this pizza delivery brand motion is to stand out for product excellence and a quality service. Donna Oliva is a pizza delivery that borne with it’s positioning guided by the brand. Starting by the blueprints and building, the choice of ingredients and a balanced and short menu, training and employee’s payment, delivery care, everything was designed to be possible to create a unique experience to costumers. 



KEXP Transistor IPA

Transistor IPA is a crisp and session-friendly brew, with floral and woody hop notes and a beautiful golden hue. It is brewed by Washington's Scuttlebutt Brewery in partnership with KEXP-FM—a public radio station based in Seattle, Washington. Scuttlebutt is donating 100% of the net proceeds from Transistor IPA to KEXP’s New Home capital campaign. 

The label and packaging for Transistor IPA were designed by Dave Narcizo, co-founder of Lakuna Design and drummer for Throwing Muses.



The Freshest Orange Juice Brand

“Discover the freshest orange juice brand whose name is the exact time the juice was made.” If you’re all about healthy, fresh food and drink, you’re going to love Intermarché’s new campaign for its OJ. Marcel has helped the supermarket prove that you don’t need to head to a juice bar or health store for some of the most delicious juice around.

“Each day, 550 million litres are sold every day in the world (half in Europe). And consumers are particularly fond of fresh juices. The problem is that Intermarché’s urban target (under 35 years old, singles, young parents) don’t have the habit to buy their fresh juices in supermarkets.”



Lost Republic Bourbon

The California Republic was a short-lived, unrecognized state that - for a few weeks in 1846- military controlled the area to the north of the San Francisco Bay. The term appeared only on the flag which featured the image of a grizzly bear and became known as the Bear Flag.

Sonoma County’s Dry Creek Distilling Co. briefed agency Auston Design Group with the challenge of creating the brand image and package design for their new bourbon brand, Lost Republic. The key direction of the brief was for the agency to include a storytelling element of the California Republic itself.




One of the more understated yet decadent things to be found in a kitchen is a rich and delicious honey. MELODI possesses that type of luxury. Designed by Antonia Skaraki A.S. in Greece, the packaging glows with life in a regal and lavish way.

“The Stathakis family bees spend their holidays in the most beautiful areas of Crete! From Gramvousa to ELafonisi, the lighthearted dance gives life to nature, along with the sea breeze caressing the thyme and the beautiful dunes harmoniously protect the pines from which our honey derives. This sweet choreography of bees in harmony with nature, produces a rare honey with intense amber color and fine aroma. The MELODI is an ode to the Cretan honey. We used gold foil printing and colors of the earth that represent that high quality product.”



Raised by Wolves IPA

I love a good IPA — hearty, hoppy, and full of flavor. The packaging for Raised By Wolves IPA is spot on, communicating all of these qualities clearly and appealing to those who have a serious love for craft beer. Hired Guns Creative worked on a new IPA from Driftwood Brewery, all the way from product naming to illustration, design, and copywriting.




TORO PINTO celebrates the flavor of Mexican Beer with limited edition packaging for CASCABEL IPA. A hypnotically colorful snake is coiled above its name, written with "brush" type. The contrast between a clean white background and the "childlike" representation of a snake gives the brand a playful attitude that is striking on any supermarket shelf.  

"CASCABEL IPA is a special edition beer for Cerveza Lola. This Indian Pale Ale beer contains many types of Mexican chiles such as "habanero" and "cascabel" chile, hence the naming of the beer. The goal was to communicate the vibrating and intense attributes of the beer´s flavour. We developed fully hand crafted paintings for both the label´s artwork and brand, creating in this way a bite of dynamic color."


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