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Bassetts Vitamins re-launches with a revitalised design

by Elizabeth Freeman on 09/01/2015 | 3 Minute Read

Bassetts Vitamins are the number one children’s vitamin brand, and I’d suspect that’s because their packaging design is so appealing. With bright, fun colors and illustrated characters – it’s possible these vitamins could be mistaken for candy. First launched in 1995, Bassetts was on the forefront of the revolutionary new vitamin market - a market made up of tasty, soft and chewy pastilles rather than chalky tablets. However, over the years Bassetts has faced strong competition in a crowded marketplace and the time had come to step the brand up and stand out from the crowd. 

“It was time for the brand to shout loud, reaffirming its leading position and reminding Mum just why they should choose Bassetts Vitamins.”

Chosen to take on this endeavor was the brand and packaging design agency Bulletproof. Working with Bassett’s signature purple and white color palette, Bulletproof created a new, modernized brand mark that retained the heritage of the brand while intending to avoid alienating existing consumers. I love the new organic heart shape the company name is enclosed in, a nice subtle reference to “healthy heart.” And, the well-love “Jelly” character also received a bit of a face lift. He’s more streamlined in illustration style and he now takes consumers on a journey from baby through to teens, where he waves goodbye as they migrate into adulthood.

“Bulletproof said: ‘Our first challenge was to create design platforms and Brand Worlds to reflect the brand’s offer – delicious and fruity vitamins for all the family. We then needed to bring these to life in a way that would reflect the caring and comforting nature of Bassetts Vitamins while delivering on the functional benefits of each product.

When working on the redesign, one big consumer concern that stood out was the confusion over differentiating the varieties of Bassetts being sold. Bulletproof solved this problem by creating a simple pack architecture and a distinct colorway that allowed for easier identification between products. It’s a sunny rainbow of colors that have been chosen, a really nice departure from the softer, gradients of color in the previous designs. 

“The combination of a great re-launched range, a new brand positioning and unique ownable branding and packaging brings Bassetts Vitamins back to its former glory, and a smile to the face.”

Vivid colors and a cheerful personality, words you wouldn't usually associate with vitamins. I think Bulletproof has created a successful revitalization of a well loved brand, while balancing Bassetts heritage at the same time.


Designed by Bulletproof

Country: United Kingdom

City: London

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