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Edamame - One Smart Bean

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 08/25/2015 | 6 Minute Read

Everyone knows that junk food is, well, junk. And yet when we’re pressed for time or have limited options, it’s something easy to turn to. Seeing the lack of healthy food options at events in South Africa, The Hardy Boys and THB Disturbance decided to change the face of fast food and also educate consumers.

“The Hardy Boys and THB Disturbance teamed up to create an innovative and sustainable fast food packaging solution for The Edamame Development Program's 'The Fair Food Co.' The Fair Food Company is a fast food initiative, providing a healthier alternative to the junk food that consumers buy at events. They sell steamed edamame beans, which is a healthy and delicious snack, but is not well known by the public in South Africa. The Hardy Boys Saw this as an opportunity to educate the public about healthy eating and sustainable living.”

“For The Fair Food Company’s Edamame beans, we designed a take-away box to be good. The leftover pods from the beans collect in the box itself. The boxes and pods are collected from recycle bins and milled to make paper. The paper is used to make more boxes and so on – a small way to help the planet.”

This One Smart Bean is good for the people who it and good for Mother Nature. Making both of these a priority, the packaging and marketing materials attract buyers with a personable and adorable little edamame bean. Perfect for kids and enjoyable for adults, too, this mascot helps customers learn more about the sustainable product and packaging. The design is playful and lively, and its modern vibe lets us know that the company is reimagining traditional snack food and packaging for the future.

“These containers presented an opportunity to educate the public about healthy food and sustainable living, so THB Disturbance designed a narrative illustration around the box, detailing the process of what happens to product as it goes through the cycle, while also educating the consumer about the healthy attributes of edamame and the environmental and social sustainability of the initiative. A range of corporate stationery was also developed out of the paper. All designs were printed with vegetable inks.”


Designed by: The Hardy Boys, THB Disturbance

Client: The Edamame Development Program / The Fair Food Co.

Country: South Africa

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