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by Elizabeth Freeman on 08/14/2015 | 9 Minute Read

Orange is vibrant. It’s hot, healthy, fruity and engaging.  In nature, it’s the color of vivid sunsets, fire, vegetables, flowers, fish, and many citrus fruits. In our contemporary world, orange is the color of marmalade, Halloween, traffic cones, life rafts, Cheetos, and Halloween.This week we take a closer look at some of the latest branding and packaging designs colored orange.

The Bearded Lady 

Good People Brewing Co., the oldest brewery in Alabama, has now canned Bearded Lady, one of their most popular taproom brews that was for years available as a summer seasonal only. Bearded Lady is Good People's take on the traditional wheat beer. As a light-bodied beer, and their smoothest to date, it appeals to craft beer connoisseurs and newcomers alike. The design, by Lewis Communications in Birmingham, is at once delicate and bold with a sense of humor that's more smile-in-the-mind than knee-slapping.



LYRA Gianduja Chocolate

LYRA Chocolate looks absolutely delightful and delicious — a premium choice in the fine chocolate market. After success with their Bean-to-Bar and Absolut varieties, LYRA has released Fruity Gianduja and Just Gianduja. Michal Slovák designed the packaging for the newest flavors to go hand in hand with the essence and taste of the bars.

“Since 2012 LYRA has stood for the highest quality handmade chocolate made in Slovakia. LYRA chocolate, made of the finest cocoa beans, criollo and trinitario and grown on the plantations in the Middle and South America, was granted an international award, Great Taste 2014.”



Big City Brewing Co.

Check out these funky IPA and Low Carbohydrate brews. Designed by MUTI for Big City Brewing Company, these fizzy beverages are not only bold in taste but in their packaging. Tall glass bottles are wrapped in a graphic cityscape dressed in red and orange. Grab yourself a City-Street IPA or Six Pack, sit back, relax, and soak up the summer sun.



The Simpsons’ Duff Beer Is Brought To Life

For all you Simpson's lovers out there, get ready to go bananas. Duff Beer might be coming to your hometown very soon. After many failed attempts by third-party companies to bring Duff beer into the market, 21st Century Fox is now entering the beer business itself. Chile will be the first country to be gifted this long-awaited beverage, followed by the rest of South America and Europe. Because the Chilean market has increasingly over time produced unauthorized versions of the product, 21st Century has decided to tackle the problem there first by giving the people what they want. 



Mama Mafia

Take-away packaging for Mama Mafia. This is a delivery service which specializes on Italian and Japanese cuisines. The concept of the service is a mix of the home taste food like from mama, the delivery speed which faster than a bullet from Tommy gun, and a strict quality control, worthy of Yakuza.



Tenzing Men's Skincare

The market for men’s skincare continues to grow, and Tenzing is an impressive competitor. This product line is named after Sherpa Tenzing Norgay, a member of the two-man team that climbed Mt. Everest over 60 years ago. Healthy ingredients sourced from the US go into the aloe based skincare, including grapeseed oil, acai berry, and vitamin A.Mash Creative and Socio Design coproduced the design for Tenzing, creating a masculine and crisp look for the range of products.



Bushtea Rum

Bushtea rum is craft distilled in England from a unique recipe inspired by traditional bush teas of the Caribbean. An infusion of fiery root ginger, citrus zests and playful hibiscus results in a bright, uplifting rum guaranteed to enliven the soul. The premium label, designed by London agency KCD, is a fine work of art: the use of copper foil and of a gloss varnish pattern elevate the brand and beautifully bring to life the craftsmanship behind of the product. 



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