by Theresa Christine Johnson on 08/11/2015 | 3 Minute Read

Book lovers rejoice! Loook is the ingenious way to make walking out of a bookstore with new books easier than ever — no more trying to stuff them into your backpack or purse or having to carry them around in an unnecessarily large bag. Young Ho Boo and Eunyoung Kwak have created a reusable and recyclable packaging design with graphics inspired by shelves of books.

“When people buy books from a bookstore they usually use paper bags to carry books. But paper bags are weak and easy to be torn. Also, it’s difficult to use them more than once. Especially, they are not stylish. I made ‘Loook’ so that people can keep using it and be more stylish when buying books.”

Loook is one of those designs that will have you wondering why someone didn’t come up with this sooner because everything about just makes sense. First of all, it’s easy: a simple cardboard cutout and sticker are all you need to pack your books up. It also only takes up as much space as the width of the books, so Loook is suitable whether you walk out of the store with a dictionary or one children’s book. And, of course, it’s reusable and recyclable, making it a much better choice for the environment. The bookshelf inspired graphic cutouts add an element of style to make it equally aesthetically pleasing and practical.


Designed by: Young Ho Boo, Eunyoung Kwak

Country: South Korea

City: Seoul

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