Concepts We Wish Were Real

by Elizabeth Freeman on 07/31/2015 | 14 Minute Read

Celebrate the end of the week with our colorful Concepts We Wish Were Real. 

Mama's Best


This lovely, delicate package design for Mama’s Best syrup embraces the brand values perfectly. The thoughtful design feels quaint and mixes beautiful images, dainty graphics, and pretty hues to make sweet and endearing packaging. Hannah Rosenkranz created the design for Mama’s Best, keeping in mind the story behind the brand.

“Two sisters making syrup from the original recipe of their mother — all organic — all mama — all delicious. The syrup is produced exclusively from natural ingredients, preferably grown in their Bavarian home village. Mama’s Best provides syrup in 3 domestic flavors: Elderflower, quince and sloe. The packaging design visualizes the homemade production process in a composition of illustration, handwriting and Helvetica. Simple, authentic and with a special love for details just like the brand itself.”

Mama’s Best channels a bit of an old-fashioned vibe, respecting the history of the recipes and where they come from. The light, sun-faded colors and detailed images of the main ingredients encourage buyers to enjoy syrups makes with fresh, organic ingredients. Batch numbers are written on the back label, reminding us that the production for Mama’s Best is simple and easy and started with two sisters in a Bavarian village. Each bottle is sealed with a striped sticker that matches the label, giving the design a contained and completed look. 

Designed by Hannah Rosenkranz

Country: Germany

City: Stuttgart


Anna Austriaczka


Chocolate fit for a queen. Valeria Shaposhnikoff has designed this charming chocolate bar with Anna Austriaczka as inspiration. 

“Anna Austriaczka was a fantastic woman. She is one of the important historical figures that was described in Alexandre Dumas's novel ‘The Three Musketeers,’ was the mother of the Karl XIV, and she brought the fashion of chocolate to France. I was really impressed by this great woman and I wanted to cоnvey a mood of the new era of sweetness. The main idea consists of a changeable collar of a silhouette of the Anna, that gives a new pattern for a whole package. Everything is easy: new flavor - new collar and new design. So, if you want to feel the royal taste, just try Anna Austriaczka chocolate bar.”

Anna Austriaczka chocolate bars come in three varieties, each with a slightly different design and coloration. Bold, strong hues are used, and each bar has a little bit of a confetti-like background to it. The collar design varies for each flavor, but the simple image of Anna Austriaczka remains the same. Text and designs are done in gold, and of course, the bars inside are wrapped in a beautiful gold foil. While Shaposhnikoff does play on the fact that Anna Austriaczka was royalty, she also makes the design playful and modern. The image of Anna is minimal and the typeface is a contemporary sans serif font, making the bars intriguing to today’s audience.

Designed by Valeria Shaposhnikoff

Country: Ukraine

City: Kiev


The Naked Unicorn Collection


The unicorn is a breed that has been extinct for almost a 100 years, and this year a color collection is released to lift up this beautiful animal. The "Naked Unicorn Collection" is a indoor color collection inspired by the beautiful unicorn meat and its gentle gradients.

This graphic identity and packaging designs was a part of my applications for Art school here in Sweden. The task was to create a concept for a fictional paint store. The whole idea of my design came from the challenge of how crazy an idea can be but still be doable. 

Designed by Frida Borgstedt

Country: Sweden

City: Stockholm




A reusable water bottle specifically for dancers. Designed by Jordana Mirski Fridman, white bottles are dressed in spandex for an easy grip. The bottles personify the athletes by mimicking their attire making this water packaging unique to its owner. 

"Inspired by dancer & choreographer Pina Bausch, I've designed this identity for a new arak drink which I named "sweet sweat". I wanted to bring the body and the movement into every aspect of the brand."

Designed by Jordana Mirski Fridman

School: Shenkar College of Engineering and Design 

Mentor: Hila Ben Navat

Country: Isreal




Instead of having one cumbersome, large first aid kit, wouldn’t it be nice to pick and choose certain parts of the kit based on the activity you’re doing? That’s exactly the idea behind OUCH. Designed for people who enjoy doing sports on a non-professional level with friends, OUCH targets people who risk minor injuries like scrapes, bumps, and bruises. Created by Giacomo DrudiMatteo Leone, and Matteo Possamai, this kit includes just what you need for small injuries without taking up too much space.

“We developed five kits for five different types of injury: allergy, burn, contusion, cut, irritation. Each pack contains only essentials for one single person and one single usage. OUCH kits have a modular shape, so users can mix their packs in regard to the activity they want doing. The disposable use saves money, but also avoids waste. OUCH is made most of cardboard, except for medical items that are hermetically sealed, so it’s recyclable.”

Since the kits are one-time use, the consumer can rest assured that the contents are clean and ready to go. Each injury has it’s own designated color, all of which are soothing and calming pastel hues. The individual kits tear open easily, perfect for those small emergencies and helping to take care of problems quickly. OUCH containers are stackable and small enough to pack away in a gym bag without adding a lot of bulk. 

Designed by Giacomo DrudiMatteo LeoneMatteo Possamai

Country: Italy

City: Milan


Love Guide Condom


Oh boy. Just when I thought I’d seen ever crazy thing out there, along come condoms packaged like a cucumber, carrot, banana, turnip, and zucchini! Love Guide Condoms were created based on the concept that holding the “package in hand makes it much easier for buyers to determine which size condom would fit them the best. As a woman, I didn’t realize it was this hard for men to realistically assess themselves. The inspiration behind the project came from the high statistic that 60% of condom users aren’t using them correctly. The condom becomes much less effective if it’s the wrong size or the tip isn’t squeezed when being put on. This can result in slippage or rupture, which defeats the entire purpose of putting the condom on to begin with. Guan-Hao Pan decided to create Love Guide Condoms in order to address these issues through an improved packaging system that I found to be quite clever and very playful. 

“Without having to make changes to current condoms, Love Guide improve existing problems by just changing the packaging design of condoms. With the practical idea that can be easily implemented for mass production, general public would benefit in a short time.”

The condoms come packed in cylindrical tubes that are designed to look like the fruit or vegetable which that condom size correlates with. The color palette is just what you'd expect at a farmer’s market – bright greens, yellows, and oranges. Minimalistic in their design, they feature very little copy on the front of the packaging and have a simple illustration of the piece of produce they are representing, just in case that wasn’t clear to the customer. Removing the lid of the package, inside you will find the condoms wrapped up to look like slices of the vegetable (or fruit) that matches their diameter. While that’s pretty cute, Guan-Hao Pan has an additional design feature that’s much more important for the user. 

Each condom comes in a specially designed case with a rising tip to help guarantee correct usage. This tip makes it easy to pick up the condom from the correct side (no more inside out) while squeezing the tip at the same time. User error eliminated by creative packaging solutions once again! 

“Love Guide helps users choose the right condom and use it the right way!”

I just love the creativity that’s running through Guan-Hao Pan's mind when bringing this project to life. At first I expected the condoms to be named something funny, such as “the vegetable patch batch” but I realized their name perfectly expresses what they do. Love Guide Condoms, because these condoms guide the users through correct usage to keep things safe when love arises.

Designed by Guan-Hao Pan

Country: Taiwan


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