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Concepts We Wish Were Real

by Elizabeth Freeman on 07/24/2015 | 12 Minute Read

Summer is here in LA, and what better way to celebrate than with a bit of color in our Concepts We Wish Were Real. 

Ester's Seeds


Time to bust out the trusty shoval and do some gardening this summer with Ester's Seeds. Designed by Page 84 Design, seed packets are bouncing with color with illustrations of fruits and veggies. The stylized drawings look too good to eat against a soft creme background. "After spending some time gardening this summer, and coming across a variety of seed packets on store shelves, I found myself wondering if I could improve on the current state of seed packaging. The concept started with the belief that just because the product is inexpensive, it doesn't mean the packaging has to look that way."

Designed by Jag Nagra, Page 84 Design

Country: Canada




Ever wish you can have a fragrance personalized for the differant moods in your life? What's your mood today? Do you feel childish, proud, or pretty? Well, does WE PERFUME have the fragrance for you. Bottled in beautiful glass squares, the jewel-like tones of the scents illuminate through, making the product pop out on the shelves. With a multitue of colors and moods to choose from, you can collect them all and even give them as gifts to your friends or sweetheart. 

Designed by SOERENTIBOR Gbr

Country: Germany




Fragrances have more than one note, and these combine to create the unique perfumes and colognes that we wear. The design concept for Whistles | The New Scent takes this idea of multiple elements coming together to make something beautiful, but translates it from your sense of smell to sight. Danielle Muntyan designed the packaging and identity for the fragrances for Whistles, a clothing line with stores in the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, US, Russia and China. 

CEO Jane Shepherdson states, “Whistles is a leading British contemporary fashion brand that encapsulates an intelligent sense of design with timeless and luxurious pieces. Our collections are modern and laid back with an attention to detail and quality. Concept and campaign for a new Whistles scent for both males and females, taking inspiration directly from their product lines, colour schemes, fabrics, patterns and textiles. The fragrances are called Botanica and Flora, taking on a musky, floral scent, and are visualised through collaged segments of Whistles clothing and accessories, creating a visual connection for the user, whilst relating with the existing elements of the brand.”

Muntyan took cues from the product lines and clothing, visually representing the feminine and masculine lines as a collage. The one-of-a-kind starburst design is lovely with just a dash of chaos, perfectly suited for a brand like Whistles that borders high-street and luxury fashion. Neither the flora nor the botanica fragrance ooze excessive femininity or masculinity, allowing them to fit into the current brand and appeal to a wider audience of current Whistles customers. Because the current product lines, color schemes, and fabrics were taken into account when creating the scents, as well as the clean, simple layout Whistles favors, Flora and Botanica blend in seamlessly. Additionally, the design can go beyond the fragrances themselves and also be used for other products, like room sprays.  

“The packaging design for both scents, is influenced by the visuals used for the bottle design, reinforcing the concept, scent and visual undertaken. By keeping the design minimal, the juxtaposition of the collage, logo and typography allows for a chic, sleek and luxurious aesthetic and tone. A simple one-piece gift box is a classic yet luxurious way of packaging perfume with a bold design to create contrast.”

Designed by Danielle Muntyan

Country: United Kingdom

City: Leeds


KINO Cinema & Art Café


Identity and package design for KINO, that is a really friendly café place with a cinema in the heart of Budapest. KINO has a traditional spirit with antique objects everywhere, besides it gives place to young artists to exhibit on it's walls. My inspiration for the package design's illustration was the antique feeling that is all around KINO.

I started to draw vintage objects that are related to a coffee place (like a spoon or a fork), and also visualizing movie topics, like drama or horror. These illustrations are a bit more personal, like the carnivore plant, that actually represents the romantic theme for me, or the strawberry balloon that is for the easier, lighter movies.

The boxes are designed specially for KINO by product designer Kinga Nyoszoli. We agreed that the essential aspects should be functionality, applicability and it has to be environmentally friendly. The boxes can be cut and fold out of one piece of cardboard paper without using any glue. The only additional material is a string that goes through the box's sides, which holds it tight whilst looks aesthetically nice.

Designed by Szani Mészáros

Country: Hungary

Photography: Judit Kozma and Szani Mészáros

Special thanks to Tamás Faragó, Kinga Nyoszoli, Attila Auth, Botond Vörös and Cecília Pletser


Raw Coffee Company


Package redesign of a speciality coffee company based in Dubai, that provides freshly roasted single origin beans, and hand picked blends.
Raw Coffee Company was established in 2007 to fill a market gap for freshly roasted specialty coffee. Their beans are all organically certified, roasted by origin, and available to sample from their warehouse roastery as either single origins, or blends.

Conceptualized by Sawsan Al Qasimi, the minimalistic design of a white pouches, focuses on the coffee beans themselves and their origins. To add some color and uniqueness to each hand picked blend, pattens were created framing the label on the bottom of the bag.

Designed by Sawsan Al Qasimi

Country: United Arab Emirates 





Meet the modern apothecary. Angela Kim’s concept for Naturopath takes the traditional idea of an apothecary and revamps it for today’s consumer. Giving the buyer options to personalize their products makes Naturopath more of an experience while still embodying the benefits of well-made, premium products. 

“Naturopath provides nature-based cosmetics. I branded and designed their line of products with the aim of signifying purity, quality, healing, and health. I wanted to engage customers with a personal and customizable experience. When ordering, they can participate in the creative process and tailor the products to their exact preferences. This hands-on approach, along with old-world apothecary bottles, is designed with a high end, modern concept.”

Naturopath appears earthy and natural, with amber bottles and brown and tan labels. The line includes moisturizers, lotions, body oils, cleansers, and even pillow mists, with rich ingredients like lavender, grape seed oil, and shea butter. Each product has a number, labeling its batch and the date it was made. The medium-sized bottles also feature a small image of the main ingredient, like a drawing from a biology textbook. Steering away from eye-catching graphics and bright hues, the brand can easily appeal to a wide audience, and it places itself as a premium product among its competitors. Naturopath looks like a product line you would purchase at a store or online, but by allowing the buyer to be involved in the creative process, it makes the item all the more special and one-of-a-kind.

Designed by Angela Kim

Country: United States

City: New York


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