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Wilder and Hunt

by Elizabeth Freeman on 07/20/2015 | 1 Minute Read

Wow! This packaging design for Wilder and Hunt’s museli and frozen meals is spot on with the trends, both in diet and in design. Branded as “Curators of Real Food,” the words “real food” are referring to the popular Paleo diet that has caught the interest around the world. And, the design is hitting all the high points of trends – arrows, triangles, small patterns and a monochromatic color palette for the brand itself. 

“Our packaging concepts for Wilder and Hunt Muesli and Frozen Meal ranges were inspired by the owner’s character and experience of growing up on a farm. The branding is strong and uncompromising, much like she is.”

Wilder and Hunt turned to the design firm Fuman to take on the challenge of developing packaging for their new muesli and frozen meal range. Fuman encouraged the client to not clutter the packaging to achieve a powerful simplicity when sitting on the shelves. Kraft paper stock was chosen for the packaging, with the expectation that the art direction itself would elevate this product to fit into a premium space in the market. 

“We selected Kraftpak Kraft paper stock for packaging as it embodies the rawness of the country, by using natural fibers and textures. It's unbleached, uncoated, high-strength yet low-density properties meant it was durable and versatile enough to be used in a freezer context, yet still look great on shelf.” 
A delicate pattern was designed from the existing arrow symbol of the Wilder and Hunt logo and then printed across the Kraft paper stock with black ink. This patterning adds a subtle texture to the design while also introducing another brand detail. 

For the muesli packaging a family of soft pastel colors has been introduced to differentiate the different flavors. Additionally, a view window is on the front of the packages in order to give the customer a glimpse inside. The pastel colors are a nice contrast against the Kraft paper brown and the black of the branding. They are also used on the stylish, triangular food pyramid chart that each box has on the sides. 

And, with muesli you often get its favorite partner – yogurt. The Wilder and Hunt yogurt packaging is the fanciest yogurt I’ve ever seen. 
Sold in generous-sized glass jars that can be reused, they feature a metallic bronze ink on their front label. They are gorgeous. 

“By combining the rawness of nature with beautiful design, we created packaging that the client was thrilled with.” 

For the frozen meal packaging, Fuman chose to remove the pastel colors from the designs and work with a more subdued palette. What I love about this piece of the packaging family is the simplicity in color. Kraft brown paper, black ink and a white label keep the design straightforward which allows the beautifully styled photograph of the meal to not have to compete for attention. The image of each meal looks attractive, delicious, and oh...did you know that they are also paleo?


Design Director: Jon Chapman-Smith, 

Designers: Mike Chapman, Lindsay Yee. 

Print: Centurion Print. 

Designed by Fuman

Country: New Zealand

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